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Mission, Values and Learning Outcomes

Our mission, values, and learning outcomes were developed in conjunction with the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs in pursuit of providing an optimal working and learning environment for UC San Diego students and the community.


The Office of Student Conduct leads and manages the UC San Diego non-academic student conduct process. We do this by partnering with the campus community to administer a fair, equitable, and educational process, facilitate student growth and development, promote student health, safety, and welfare and maintain the integrity of our community by holding students accountable for policy violations.


As Student Affairs professionals, we strive to embody the UC San Diego Principles of Community and the Student Affairs Strategic Plan in the values we promote to our students.

  • Fairness - We strive to facilitate an equitable and transparent process free from bias and prejudice.
  • Education - We strive to educate our students about community standards and expectations while providing them the knowledge and skills to enhance their decision making.
  • Accountability - We value taking responsibility for one's decisions and the impact of those decisions on our community.
  • Equity – We strive to address all forms of inequity (e.g. anti-blackness, racism, privilege, and any form of bias) through personal and professional development, facilitating Fairness, and developing and implementing equity-minded policies and procedures.
  • Restorative Practice - We aspire to cultivate and institutionalize Restorative Practice on campus, establish Restorative Justice as a core principle of campus culture, and transform our institution into the equitable and inclusive community we all deserve.
  • Growth and Development - We value helping students grow and learn from their decisions to develop into more responsible and community minded individuals.
  • Collaboration - We value our distinctive undergraduate college system and work collaboratively with our campus colleagues to best serve our students.

Learning Outcomes

We engage in outcomes assessment to improve student learning, programming, and the administration of the student conduct procedures. Specifically, we focus on the following student learning outcomes:

  • As a result of participating in the student conduct process, students will have greater knowledge, awareness, and understanding of our standards of conduct, consequences for violations, and the impact of their actions on themselves and others.
  • As a result of participating in the student conduct process, students will be able to identify and access relevant campus resources.
  • As a result of participating in restorative programs (e.g. restorative justice circles and the Practical Decision Making Workshop), students will be able to articulate the impact of their decision-making on themselves and others.
  • As a result of completing educational sanction(s), students will be better able to identify and articulate risk reduction strategies, how they make decisions, and the impact of their behavior on themselves and others.
  • As a result of participating in relevant student conduct training programs, student participants (e.g. conduct board members, student advocates, and resident/house advisors) will be able to articulate a greater understanding of the student conduct process and their role within it.

Land Acknowledgment

The Office of Student Conduct at UC San Diego recognizes that our community was built upon the ancestral homeland of the Kumeyaay people. For millennia, the Kumeyaay have nurtured a relationship of balance and harmony with the land where we gather today. We acknowledge the legacy of the Kumeyaay Nation and extend our utmost respect and gratitude for their stewardship of this land.